18 days

18-days-movie-poster-2011-102074459818 Days is an Egyptian Movie, produced right after January 2011’s revolution. The movie was first screened in Cannes International Film Festival, May 2011, and was never publicly screened in Egypt until a copy of the movie was leaked on youtube this July.The Movie’s runtime is 117 mins, it includes 10 short movies, by 10 different directors and 8 screenwriters. The movie dates the emotions of Egyptians during the 18 days from the beginning of the revolution on the 25th of January till the Mubarak stepped down on the 11 of February 2011.

The production time, was less than 3 months, the thing that helped the stories to reflect the raw emotions of different social and financial backgrounds without any political manipulation. The revolution was still young and the future was vague and no matter what your political view or opinion in the revolution itself now, you will see yourself in one of the stories and you will retrieve your emotions during those days.

The movies are:
Retention: written and directed by Sherif Arafa
a symbolic movie, takes place in a mental health hospital, the patients represents different segments of the Egyptian society and their reactions to the news during and after the 18 days. 

God’s Creation: written by Belal Fadl and directed by Kamla Abou Zikry
a girl who sells tea in down town area just changed her hair color, no one likes it, she witnessed the demonstrations and was captured by the police.

19-19: written by Abbas abu-el hassan and directed by Marwan Hamed.
prisoner 19-19, an intel employee being interrogated during the 18 days  

When the Flood Hits You: written by Belal Fadl and directed by Mohamed Ali
2 young men and an old man, trying to make money out of the demonstrations in Tahrir square

Curfew: written and directed by Sherif El Bendary
A boy implicates his grand father during the curfew, in order to take a picture with an army tank.

Revolution Cookies: written by Ahmed Helmy and directed by Khaled Marei
A man was locked  frightened in his shop in downtown area during the 18 days, recording his thoughts about the noises he is hearing on a cassette.

Tahrir 2/2: written and directed by Mariam Abou Ouff
A summary to what happened in Tahrir on the 2nd of February or what’s known as Camel Battle.

Window: written and directed by Ahmad Abdalla
A silent movie about a guy following the news from his home, admires a girl he sees through his window in the opposite building. Meets her in the celebration demonstr
ations after Mubarak stepped down 

Interior/Exterior: written by Tamer Habib and directed by Yousry Nasrallah
A husband and wife’s different reactions about the news.. 

Ashraf Seberto: written and directed by Ahmad Alaa
A barbershop in downtown area, open it’s door to injured demonstrators…

The stories marked in red are the stories i liked the most.

Remains to mention the amazing performances by:
Mohamed Farrag in Tahrir 2/2 and Ashraf Seberto,
Eyad Nassar, Bassem el Samra in 19-19
Asser Yassin in Tahrir 2/2
and Ahmed Helmy in Revolution Cookies.


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