In time…

In_TimeTime is usually defined as the indefinite continued progress of existence! It’s referred to as the unit of measuring life. Nevertheless time is very confusing, although you know for sure that a year is 365 days, one day is 24 hours, an hour is 60 minutes and a minute is 60 seconds, value of time and its perception differs according to the person and to the event occurring.. Time in fact is relative! Good times pass rapidly, and moments of sadness and grief feel like year..

Time flies, you may look back at a certain event and discover unbelievably that it happened 10 years ago. What I am sure of is that time is the most valuable thing human beings own and it is the last thing we care about!!!

‘In time’ is a Sci-fi movie taking place in 2169. People are genetically engineered to live 25 years after which a timer appears on their forearm with a one year count down, time can be transferred between people or into time capsules and it is the universal currency. When the count down ends, the person dies and thus the wealthy lives forever.

The movie discusses the struggle between poor and rich, but not in the ordinary way. A real struggle of existence. It shows how the poor people -with less time- do everything in a hurry, they run, they eat fast and try not to waste precious moments unlike the people with excessive time. It shows how rich appreciates their immortality and risks their lives less not to die by coincidence. The movie also reflects on how rich protects the time transfer in order to balance society and how poor deals with excessive time when granted.
Although the situation is very similar in reality – with money as the currency – but adding life itself to the equation makes everything clearer ! And as the events in the movie ascends, all your views about time and justice will shake! Simply because we have a timer too but it is hidden, and accordingly we struggle on less important things and miss other necessities, and we usually discover that when it is too late. We tend to waste precious moments for lame reasons or be unfair to others for illusions. The moral behind the movie is intense, personally i will watch it again soon for a deeper look.

The movie is interesting to watch, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried starring


Million Dollar Baby

I have a confession to make; the first time to watch this masterpiece was last week 😵… 13 years from its date of production and 12 since it won 4 academy awards: Best picture, Best Director, Best Actress in a leading role, Best Actor in a supporting role.


Being the movie geek I am, I don’t read about movies I want to watch, thus I never knew the plot and always thought its just a fancy boxing movie hence created by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman.
It was a shock when Maggie was left ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. A very strong and determined character was introduced throughout the movie and there she is lying helpless. Every second afterwards I was waiting for the miracle to happen. I was waiting for Frankie to find her a doctor who can heal her. I was waiting for her persistence and strength to help her overcome the situation. Until Euthanasia was put on the table. Continue reading