شيخ چاكسون

 رحلة بحث عن الهوية من خلال الصراع بين الماضي والحاضر .. شيخ سلفي شاب اهتز ايمانه بعد سماعه خبر وفاة مايكل چاكسون لتبدأ رحلته  في التصالح مع نفسه. اسلوب سرد الفيلم بال”flashbacks” شديد الذكاء جعل الرحلة بين ١٩٩١ و ٢٠٠٩ ممتعة، مع ايقاع بطئ يسمح بالتأمل في التفاصيل البصرية و التفكير في فلسفة الاحداث. و اخفاء اسم البطل حتى ما قبل النهاية بقليل اضافة عبقرية لمضمون الفيلم. النهايه عند مرحلة التصالح مع الماضي و ترك اختيارات المستقبل مفتوحة للمشاهد يحسب للفيلم.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 16.28.31

ماجد الكدواني تفوق على نفسه !! بالتأكيد واحد من افضل ما قدم في تاريخه
احمد الفيشاوي ..كان متمكن جداً من الشخصية وحسيت في عينيه بتطور الصراع طول احداث الفيلم..
احمد مالك .. كمان كام سنة مش هيبقى في في مصر ممثل زيه
سلمى ابو ضيف معجبتنيش ..
امينة خليل و دره و ياسمين رئيس و بسمة مساحة ادوارهن اصغر من ان يحكم على اداءهن وان كان وجودهن اضافة طبعاً.

احمد البشاري عمل صورة السينمائية عاديه.. لكنه نجح في الحفاظ على اختلاف مود الاضاءة بين الفترات الزمنية.

 عدم استخدام اغاني مايكل چاكسون انقص من الفيلم الكثير بالرغم من محاولات هاني عادل في التعويض عنها !!

الفيلم حلو و يستاهل يتشاف و من احلى الافلام العربي في ٢٠١٧ .. ولكن اعتقد ان صناع العمل وقعوا في خطأ ال”overselling” و نتيجة ده توقعاتي كانت اعلى بكتير ..

سيبقى “اسماء” هو احلى ما قدم عمرو سلامة.

لا اعتقد انه سيصل للترشيحات النهائية لجائزة احسن فيلم اجنبي في سباق الاوسكار.


Egypt and Oscars

The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film is one of the Academy Awards handed out annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It is given to a feature-length motion picture produced outside the United States of America with a predominantly non-English dialogue track.
Every country is invited to submit what it considers its best film to the Academy. Only one film is accepted from each country. The designation of each country’s official submission has to be done by an organization, jury or committee composed of people from the film industry. 
English-subtitled copies of all submitted films are shipped to the Academy, where they are screened by the Foreign Language Film Award Committee(s), whose members select by secret ballot the five official nominations. Final voting for the winner is restricted to active and life Academy members who have attended exhibitions of all five nominated films.
The Best Foreign Language Film Award is not presented to a specific individual. It is accepted by the winning film’s director, but is considered an award for the submitting country as a whole. (Wikipedia-Oscars.org)

Lately, Egypt selected Sheikh Jackson (2017) directed by: Amr Salama, for this category. 
This is the 31st submission Egypts make to the academy awards. Non of the previous submissions made it to the final nominees list. Chahine’s Cairo station (1958) is considered the first African and the first Arab film to contend for the award.

The Submitted movies are:
Cairo Station (1958) باب الحديد
Directed by: Youssef Chahine

The Nightingale’s prayer
(1959) دعاء الكروان
Directed by: Henry Barakat

(1961) المراهقات
Directed by: Ahmed Diaaeldin

Oh Islam
(1961) واسلاماه  also released as Love and Faith
Directed by: Enrico Bomba and Andrew Marton

The Thief and the Dogs
 (1962) اللص و الكلاب  also released as Chased by dogs
Directed by: Kamal El Sheikh

Mother of the Bride
(1963) ام العروسة
Directed by: Atef Salem Continue reading

Million Dollar Baby

I have a confession to make; the first time to watch this masterpiece was last week 😵… 13 years from its date of production and 12 since it won 4 academy awards: Best picture, Best Director, Best Actress in a leading role, Best Actor in a supporting role.


Being the movie geek I am, I don’t read about movies I want to watch, thus I never knew the plot and always thought its just a fancy boxing movie hence created by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman.
It was a shock when Maggie was left ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. A very strong and determined character was introduced throughout the movie and there she is lying helpless. Every second afterwards I was waiting for the miracle to happen. I was waiting for Frankie to find her a doctor who can heal her. I was waiting for her persistence and strength to help her overcome the situation. Until Euthanasia was put on the table. Continue reading

Academy Award Winning Pictures

“Best Picture” is considered the premier award of the Academy Awards, it is the final award presented at the ceremony. In 2009, AMPAS announced that the number of films to be nominated in the Best Picture award category would increase from five to ten, starting with the 82nd Academy Awards. Two years after this change, the Academy revised the rule again so that the number of films nominated was between 5 and 10.
Aslo the name underwent several changes over the years. Since 1962 it has been called the Best Picture award.

1927/28–1928/29: Academy Award for Outstanding Picture
1929/30–1940: Academy Award for Outstanding Production
1941–1943: Academy Award for Outstanding Motion Picture
1944–1961: Academy Award for Best Motion Picture
1962–present: Academy Award for Best Picture

As of 2017, there have been 537 films nominated for Best Picture and 89 winners.
The Complete List of ‘Best Picture’ Oscar winners till the 89th Academy Award (2017).

89th Academy Awards: Moon Light (2016)

88th Academy Awards: Spotlight (2015)

87th Academy Awards: Birdman (2014)

86th Academy Awards: 12 Years a Slave (2013)

85th Academy Awards: Argo (2012)

84th Academy Awards: The Artist (2011)

83rd Academy Awards: The King’s Speech (2010)

82nd Academy Awards: The Hurt Locker (2009)

81st Academy Awards: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

80th Academy Awards: No Country for Old Men (2007)

Continue reading

A memorable quote of “Scent of a Woman”

– Mr. Willis’s testimony is not only vague, it is unsubstantiated. The substance I was looking for, Mr. Simms, was to come from you.

+ I’m sorry.

– I’m sorry too, Mr. Simms, because you know what I’m going to do, in as much as I can’t punish Mr. Havemeyer, Mr. Potter or Mr. Jameson ? And I won’t punish Mr. Willis. He’s the only party to this incident… who is still worthy of calling himself a Baird man. I’m going to recommend to the Disciplinary Committee… that you be expelled.
Mr. Simms, you are a cover-up artist… and you are a liar.

= But not a snitch !

– Excuse me ?

=No, I don’t think I will. Mr. Slade. This is such a crock of shit !

– Please watch your language, Mr. Slade. You are in the Baird school, not a barracks.
Mr. Simms, I will give you one final opportunity to speak up.

= Mr. Simms doesn’t want it. He doesn’t need to be labeled… “still worthy of being a Baird man.”
What the hell is that ? What is your motto here ?
“Boys, inform on your classmates, save your hide; anything short of that, we’re gonna burn you at the stake” ?
Well, gentlemen, when the shit hits the fan, some guys run…and some guys stay.
Here’s Charlie facin’ the fire, and there’s George…hidin’ in big daddy’s pocket.
And what are you doin’ ? You’re gonna reward George… and destroy Charlie.

-Are you finished, Mr. Slade ?

=No, I’m just gettin’ warmed up. I don’t know who went to this place. William Howard Taft, William Jennings Bryant,
William Tell, whoever. Their spirit is dead, if they ever had one. It’s gone.
You’re buildin’ a rat ship here, a vessel for seagoin’ snitches. And if you think you’re preparin’ these minnows for manhood, you better think again, because I say you are killin’ the very spirit… this institution proclaims it instills.
What a sham.
What kind of a show are you guys puttin’ on here today ?
I mean, the only class in this act is sittin’ next to me.
I’m here to tell you this boy’s soul is intact.
It’s non-negotiable.
You know how I know ?
Someone here, and I’m not gonna say who, offered to buy it.
Only Charlie here wasn’t sellin’.

– Sir, you’re out of order.

= I show you out of order. You don’t know what out of order is, Mr. Trask. I’d show you, but I’m too old, I’m too tired, too fuckin’ blind. If I were the man I was five years ago, I’d take… a flamethrower to this place !
Out of order ? Who the hell you think you’re talkin’ to ? I’ve been around, you know ?
There was a time I could see. And I have seen. Boys like these… younger than these, their arms torn out, their legs ripped off. But there is nothin’ like the sight… of an amputated spirit. There is no prosthetic for that.
You think you’re merely sendin’ this splendid foot soldier… back home to Oregon with his tail between his legs,
but I say you are… executin’ his soul !
And why Because he’s not a Baird man.
Baird men.
You hurt this boy, you’re gonna be Baird bums, the lot of you.
And, Harry, Jimmy, Trent, wherever you are out there, fuck you too !

– Stand down, Mr. Slade !

= I’m not finished. As I came in here, I heard those words: “cradle of leadership.”
Well, when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall, and it has fallen here. It has fallen. Makers of men, creators of leaders. Be careful what kind of leaders you’re producin’ here. I don’t know if Charlie’s silence here today… is right or wrong; I’m not a judge or jury. But I can tell you this: he won’t sell anybody out… to buy his future !
And that, my friends, is called integrity. That’s called courage. Now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of.
Now I have come to the crossroads in my life. I always knew what the right path was. Without exception, I knew,
but I never took it. You know why ? It was too damn hard.
Now here’s Charlie. He’s come to the crossroads. He has chosen a path. It’s the right path. It’s a path made of principle… that leads to character.
Let him continue on his journey. You hold this boy’s future in your hands, Committee. It’s a valuable future, believe me.
Don’t destroy it. Protect it. Embrace it.
It’s gonna make you proud one day, I promise you.

A Quote from “Cinema Paradiso”

” Once upon a time, a king gave a feast. And there came the most beautiful princesses of the realm. Now, a soldier, who was standing guard, saw the king’s daughter go by. She was the most beautiful one, and he immediately fell in love with her. But what could a poor soldier do when it came to the daughter of the king?

Well, finally, one day, he managed to meet her, and he told her that he could no longer live without her. The princess was so impressed by his strong feelings that she said to the soldier: “If you can wait 100 days and 100 nights under my balcony, then at the end of it, I shall be yours.” Damn! The soldier immediately went there and waited one day. And two days. And ten. And then twenty. And every evening, the princess looked out of her window, but he never moved. During rain, during wind, during snow, he was always there. The bird shat on his head, and the bees stung him, but he didn’t budge. After ninety nights, he had become all dried up, all white, and the tears streamed from his eyes. He couldn’t hold them back. He no longer had the strength to sleep. All that time, the princess watched him. And on the 99th night, the soldier stood up, took his chair, and went away.”

Nuovo cinema Paradiso is a 1988 Italian film written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. It was internationally released as Cinema Paradiso in France, Spain, the UK and the U.S.

It was originally released in Italy at 155 minutes but poor box office performance in its native country led to it being shortened to 123 minutes for international release. It was an instant success. This international version won the Special Jury Prize at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival and the 1989 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. In 2002, the director’s cut 173-minute version was released (known in the U.S. as Cinema Paradiso: The New Version).          source: Wikipedia

Written and Directed by: Giuseppe Tornatore