Murdered twice


Murder on the Orient Express is a drama crime movie, based on a novel carrying the same name for the famous Agatha Christy. And as it is clear from the name; it tells the story of how Hercule Poirot the fictional, famous international detective solves a crime that took place on board of the orient express which he happened to be a passenger on.

The Novel was adapted twice to the cinema in 1974 and in 2017. I didn’t read the novel, and thus I am not sure which adaptation is more honest to the novel events nonetheless I enjoyed the watching experience of both movies given the fact; I watched the 2017 adaptation first.
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The Founder

The movie is based on the true story of how McDonald’s turned from a restaurant run by the two McDonald brothers Richard & Maurice in San Bernardino, California into the world largest fast food chain.

sc-1507365815Michael Keaton plays the role of Ray Kroc, an unsuccessful milkshake sales person, who partnered with the McDonald brother as a franchise agent after being impressed with their revolutionary Speedee Service System. The events follows until Ray purchases the company and the rights to the name for 2.7 million dollars.
The most interesting sequence in the movie, is the one with the McDonald brother telling Ray Kroc their story of founding their business between 1937 and 1948 and how they invented their system.
Michael Keaton succeeded in performing the complexity of a single-minded, corrupted, ambitious businessman who was persistent to pursue his dream despite integrity and principle, and kept it interesting through the entire movie.

The movie is really interesting, and it’s reflection on the American capitalism and business war is rather confusing. It’s a must see.
Remains to say; the first thing I ate after the movie is Big Tasty Combo Meal.

The Founder (2016)          PG-13
Director: John Lee Hancock
Writer: Robert D. Siegel (as Robert Siegel)
Stars: Michael KeatonNick OffermanJohn Carroll Lynch
Runtime: 115 min

No Wonder


Auggie, a fifth-grade boy, born with facial deformity, goes to public school for the 1st time, after being home schooled his entire life. He gets rejected and bullied at first, then he blends in and becomes accepted as the year passes. At the end he receives a standing ovation after being awarded an honorary medal at his graduation.


The idea may be inspiring, but the movie is disappointing for me! Knowing that it is based on a children novel clarified things but as much as I loved Jacob Tremblay’s performance as Auggie, enjoyed Julia Roberts as his loving mother who paused her life to deal with his disease, raise him and educate him, and laughed nearly every time Owen Wilson appeared on screen, I still find the story weak.

In reality life is not that simple, bullies don’t get discovered that easily and they don’t regret their acts effortlessly!
Different people take more time to blend in and be accepted specially when nothing extraordinary is done from their side to earn acceptance. Yes Auggie is well raised, cute, warm hearted and very smart, but you need to know him in order to discover that, but his looks will prevent many from doing so given the fact that to some extent he wasn’t accepting himself.
Having black people to be the first to accept him (His teacher, Summer & Jason) is a projection to the fact that people who suffered rejection gets attracted to each other which is also idealistic to some extent!
His Sister Via’s life is also dreamy, she is a balanced teenager; she loves her brother so much, she is affected that her family’s universe rotates around Auggie but in a healthy amount ! She discovers that her best friends cut her off, minutes later she mets a guy who like her, gets enrolled in the theatre club. Her friend (the child of divorce, who blocks her because she felt jealous from her life) feels guilty and try to make things right so she drops from the leading role of a school play giving it to Via !! REALLY?!!!!!!!
and many other details that has been too perfect to be true; the indefectible school principal, the teacher who left wall street to pursue his dream teaching, the bully friends became Auggie’s allies in a fight instead of continuing to bully him after their friend left school because of him!

The message of the movie is important and clear, and if the target audience are young adults and children, just like the novel, then it may be to the point. But as an adult, the movie has no complexity and no depth, characters’s backstories are too artificial.

Wonder 2017 .    PG         113 min
Based on a Novel by RJ Palacio
Written by: Stephen Chbosky, Steve Conrad, Jack Thorne
Cast: Julia Roberts, Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson
Directed by: Stephen Chbosky

Coco (2017)

Coco, Disney/Pixar’s 19th title is just Brilliant..

It tells the story of Miguel a 12 years old boy who loves music and dreams of being a musician. but unluckily born in a family that hates music. He gets cursed into the land of the dead, discovers the past of his ancestors, realize the importance of family and unleash the musician inside him.


The concept of the film is based on the Mexican holiday of Día de Muertos. The story and the characters are well constructed, and there is a clear balance between irony, comedy and the deep emotional approach the movie carries. The journey Miguel took in the land of the dead offers a philosophical perception for life and death so not expected from an animation movie.

The backstory sequence at the beginning of the movie is genuinely creative, using the animated festive decorations to tell the story was very colorful and attractive. The Visuals continues throughout the movie to be very innovative; full of textures and just stunning. The land of death was introduced full of vivid details, that made my mind occupied for sometime after the movie trying to absorb the brilliant vision and the deep emotional dimension.

coco6Coco, the title character is Miguel’s great-grand mother, she barely appears on screen; the thing that raised the question of why is the movie named after her several times. I discovered in the last few minutes with my eyes full of tears and JUST LOVED IT.

The film’s score was composed by academy award winner Michael Giacchino, whom we will always remember for his brilliant work in UP (2009), However, personally I was expecting more from the music and this also applies to the songs specially “Un Poco Loco”, which marks the birth of the artist in Miguel, should have been more powerful. Though can never deny that “Remember me“ written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez & Robert Lopez; the main song of the movie which reprised several times though-out the run time is a master piece, and probably will be nominated for an Oscar.

– The movie is PG rated, and i think it is not suitable for children less than 8 years old.
– Dante: Miguel’s sidekick is sooooooooooooo cute. 😀
– It is definitely not a Zombies movie!!!!
– Miguel Rivera is Pixar’s first non-Caucasian human protagonist for a full-length Pixar animated feature film.
– “Coco” is preceded by a twenty-one minute animated short film entitled Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in the world wide theatrical release. (It was not screened where I watched it)
-It is the Best Animated Feature in 2017.

Larry Crowne Speech 217

Larry Crowne (2011) is a movie written and directed by Tom Hanks, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts about a middle age man who gets downsized from his job at big-box store, decides to get back to college and his life changes …

– That leaves only Mr. Crowne and George Bernard Shaw.
= Uh, that’s “Geography Show”, remember?
– Right, the study of the Earth.
= Yes, study of the Earth, and there goes my opening remark.Thank you.
The equator is that imaginary line that separates the Earth into the northern and the southern hemisphere. And when you cross it for the first time it’s a very big deal if you are in the Navy, even if you’re a culinary specialist. The old guys make you dress up in goofy costumes and you have to sing these bawdy songs. And they play practical jokes on you. When I did it for the first time, years ago, a chief petty officer ordered me to stand watch until I saw the equator as we passed it, and I would recognize it by the big posts that were sunk into the ocean floor and spaced every 100 yards. And, obviously, I never hit my rack that night. Remember the old commercial for the Navy? “Join the Navy, see the world”? Well, it’s true. I did. I saw landmarks that were both manmade and the natural things. I saw deltas, I saw mountain ranges. I saw the Rock of Gibraltar. I saw Hong Kong. And I saw the southern sky, which has different stars than the northern sky does. In the Navy, I went around the world five times. I saw the aurora borealis. I had shore leave in Australia, couple of times. Quite memorable. And I saw the Great Lakes from the rail of a missile frigate while I was on the Great Lakes. I boiled and peeled and mashed and hashed an awful lot of potatoes. I saw pasta once a week. Spaghetti Wednesdays, when I was in charge of the galley. I learned a lot of geography in the Navy but I would never be able to communicate it to you with such ease unless I had taken a class like this. I believe it was George Bernard Shaw who once quipped, “A fool’s brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition and art into pedantry. Hence a university education.” Sounds to me like George Bernard Shaw must have taken a college class maybe even Speech 217, the Art of Informal Remarks.
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القرد بيتكلم … 

Spoiler Alert 🚨

الفيلم مسُلى ماتضيقتش خالص و انا بتفرج عليه … وهو تالت حاجة اتفرج عليها للمخرج بيتر ميمي بعد فيلمه الاول “الهرم الرابع” و مسلسله الاول “الاب الروحي” و في مقارنة بين التلات اعمال “القرد بيتكلم” هو الافضل الحقيقة..

الحاجات اللي عجبتني في الفيلم:
-اداء بيومي فؤاد في دور وزير الداخلية كان مميز … و نظراً لان احداث الفيلم بتدور حول احتجاز رهـائن كنت بيفكرني بكمال الشناوي في “الارهاب و الكباب”.
– ال”production design” كان جديد و خصوصاً مشاهد السيرك و المكان اللي كانوا بيرتبوا في العملية و الملابس
– محمود الجندي كضيف شرف ظهوره بسطني.

بس ….
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شيخ چاكسون

 رحلة بحث عن الهوية من خلال الصراع بين الماضي والحاضر .. شيخ سلفي شاب اهتز ايمانه بعد سماعه خبر وفاة مايكل چاكسون لتبدأ رحلته  في التصالح مع نفسه. اسلوب سرد الفيلم بال”flashbacks” شديد الذكاء جعل الرحلة بين ١٩٩١ و ٢٠٠٩ ممتعة، مع ايقاع بطئ يسمح بالتأمل في التفاصيل البصرية و التفكير في فلسفة الاحداث. و اخفاء اسم البطل حتى ما قبل النهاية بقليل اضافة عبقرية لمضمون الفيلم. النهايه عند مرحلة التصالح مع الماضي و ترك اختيارات المستقبل مفتوحة للمشاهد يحسب للفيلم.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 16.28.31

ماجد الكدواني تفوق على نفسه !! بالتأكيد واحد من افضل ما قدم في تاريخه
احمد الفيشاوي ..كان متمكن جداً من الشخصية وحسيت في عينيه بتطور الصراع طول احداث الفيلم..
احمد مالك .. كمان كام سنة مش هيبقى في في مصر ممثل زيه
سلمى ابو ضيف معجبتنيش ..
امينة خليل و دره و ياسمين رئيس و بسمة مساحة ادوارهن اصغر من ان يحكم على اداءهن وان كان وجودهن اضافة طبعاً.

احمد البشاري عمل صورة السينمائية عاديه.. لكنه نجح في الحفاظ على اختلاف مود الاضاءة بين الفترات الزمنية.

 عدم استخدام اغاني مايكل چاكسون انقص من الفيلم الكثير بالرغم من محاولات هاني عادل في التعويض عنها !!

الفيلم حلو و يستاهل يتشاف و من احلى الافلام العربي في ٢٠١٧ .. ولكن اعتقد ان صناع العمل وقعوا في خطأ ال”overselling” و نتيجة ده توقعاتي كانت اعلى بكتير ..

سيبقى “اسماء” هو احلى ما قدم عمرو سلامة.

لا اعتقد انه سيصل للترشيحات النهائية لجائزة احسن فيلم اجنبي في سباق الاوسكار.